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All sales require a full payment upon receipt, Unless specified diffrently on receipt.

Any items we purchase in advance for you, payment is due with in 5 business days of invoice.

All sales are final unless specified on receipt.

If making a deposit on a firearm, At least 50% is required and or full amount to order firearm. If you are denied by the FBI (NICS Check) you withdraw from the right on a refund of the 50% you made for hold unless firearm is able to be sold within a 7 day time frame from denial and or firearm can be returned for full refund to us. 

Firearms purchase from another FFL to be transfered to you by us must be New York State Compliant unless otherwise authorized by the law to transfer to you. We ask that you contact us prior to having a firearm transfered to us so that we may verify its legallity in this state so you are able to receive the firearm.

If you have a firearm transfered to us and it is not able to be transfered to you because of the law requirements or denial from background you are still reponsible for the transfer fees applicable, We are not responsible for any loss of money to you and are not responsible for any other related issues to your purchase.

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