Firearm Transfer Process

The firearm transfer process made simple

Step 1 - Fill out our new customer form. 

                                              NEW CUSTOMER FORM

Step 2 - You need to locate your firearm online. There are many sites online that are willing to ship to New York . Some site examples are (Gunbroker, Buds Guns, Grabagun)



Step 3- Now you need to select your FFL of choice to complete the transfer. Most sites already have us registered. If the site doesn't have us listed or registered then you or the FFL you purchased from has to contact us so we may provide the shipping FFL with our FFL. 


Step 4 - Please fill out our firearm transfer form so we know what is coming to our shop.


                                          FIREARM TRANSFER FORM

Step 5 - Once completing your purchase from the steps above we know wait for your firearms arrival. 


Pistol - We will email you an Invoice based on the information you provided on your transfer form so you may attach invoice to the amendment form to send to county. Once you receive the new updated card and green authorization card then you may proceed to Step 6.



Long Gun - Once delivered to us please proceed to Step 6

Step 6 - We are by appointment only. Please click the following to schedule an appointment.

                                SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT

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